Five Ways to Say…

Can I go to the bathroom?  Certain phrases in a new language can be very important and used often to survive when in an unfamiliar locale. For instance, you might find yourself in a restaurant or social event when suddenly you feel the need to answer the call of nature. Here are 5 ways to … Continue reading Five Ways to Say…


Leçon Trois: Ordering at the boulangerie.

During the summer I spent in Paris I would visit my neighborhood’s boulangerie and a pâtisserie on an almost daily basis. I’d go during the morning to get my breakfast, or pétit dejeune, or during my lunch break I’d buy lunch (dejeune). I would almost always greet the person behind the counter with “good morning” … Continue reading Leçon Trois: Ordering at the boulangerie.

Leçon Deux: Bonjour! Salut!

If you’re reading this, toutes nos félicitations! You’ve taken your first step towards broadening your mind and connecting with others by learning a new language. French has a long and storied history and is spoken by people all over the world. But how might you greet a fellow francophone (that’s ‘French-speaker’)? You might try something … Continue reading Leçon Deux: Bonjour! Salut!