Summer is right around the corner! So we’re planning what we’re going to do cet été (this summer).

After a long time in school and work, maybe we can visit la mer (the sea) or go camping  à la campagne (in the country). We can make s’mores and sleep in a tent. Although I bet ma sœur (my sister) would prefer a place with lots of shopping. What do you think if we partons en avion à Paris (a plane ride to Paris)?

Paris en été sounds like a great idea. I’ll start planning now! It will be a very long trip.

You know what? Maybe we should just restons à la maison (stay in the house). La piscine est grande et l’eau est chaude. 😉

Infinitive partir leave
singular Je pars
Tu pars
Il/Elle part
I leave
You leave
He/She leaves
plural Noun partons
Vous partez
Ils/Elles partent
We leave
You leave
They leave


Infinitive rester stay
singular Je reste
Tu restes
Il/Elle reste
I stay
You stay
He/She stays
plural Noun restons
Vous restez
Ils/Elles restent
We stay
You stay
They stay

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